About Us

At Dakessian Law we have chosen to focus our practice on one area—California tax controversy—because we are passionate about vindicating taxpayer rights and achieving results for our clients in disputes with California agencies. That is why this firm was founded. No matter the complexity of your issues, no matter the stakes, and no matter the odds, you can count on us—and our several decades of combined experience in California tax matters—to put you in the best possible position to succeed.

Our clients work in diverse industries such as healthcare, technology, real estate, finance, retail and consumer products, and energy. We serve Fortune 500 companies, global institutions, high net-worth individuals, and other businesses. But no matter the industry or business our talented and professional team of lawyers leverage their knowledge and experience to secure a positive outcome for our clients.

While we look to resolve matters at the lowest possible level, when we must do battle with the government, we play to win. Our results speak for themselves and give our clients the advantage, whether they want to negotiate or go to the mat.

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